Video: Why Ken Wright Uses Nomacorc

Discover why Ken Wright made the switch from real cork to Nomacorc synthetic closures in 2002. Also learn about the new and advanced technology in our Nomacorc closures beginning with the 2016 vintage on all Ken Wright Cellars wine.

Namacorc Facts

  • Wine Preservation up to 25 years on Nomacorc Reserva corks
  • Negative Carbon Footprint (-1 gr CO 2eq per closure)
  • Patented co-extrusion technology creates wine closures that provide consistent, predictable oxygen permeation, elimination off-flavors due to oxidation, reduction or cork taint
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made from 100% sustainable materials derived from sugarcane. The sugarcane plants are cultivated in a socially responsible way, without impact to local food supply.

For more information on Nomacorc visit
or email for questions or to receive digital or physical copies of Nomacorc brochures & cut sheets on cork lines.


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